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Monday, September 27, 2003

Iraq News

o No Traces Of WMD In Iraq: CIA-led Group [via FreeSpeechNews]
o A Nightmare in Iraq [via FreeSpeechNews]
o Significant U.S. Forces Expected to Remain in Iraq Through 2004 [via TheAgonist]

Talkin' bout the Government

o Welcome to IPPN:Building a unified, independent, progressive alternative to the corporate controlled, two-party, economic/political system. [website]
o Troops in Iraq to Get R&R Break [via TheAgonist]
o "'True' 'Patriot' Act" Introduced [via CommonsBlog]
o A truth better left untold [via NurseRatched]
o "We need to get the U.N. in and the U.S. out," Kucinich said. "There can be a way to extricate this nation from the quicksand of Iraq." [via MuslimsForKucinich]
oCleveland's one-time boy mayor aiming for the White House [via MuslimsForKucinich]


o Immigrants and unions get on the same bus [via InTheseTimes]
o Voices from the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride [via AlterNet]
o Conference for a World Culture of Peace & Non-Violence [via DennisKucinich]
o Charter schools in Michigan [via TheLitiGator]
oOn April 4, 2004, citizens around the world will mark the twentieth anniversary of the opening date of George Orwell's novel 1984 with complete or partial readings of this dystopian classic. [website]

Tech Stuff

o Diebold Suit Shuts Down Critics Site [via LeanLeft]
o All together now: Communication is not "content" [via Many2Many]
o Fakster [via PeteSoppelsa and PhilipRosenbloom]
o Weblogs. The unedited voice of a person! Will easy and inexpensive publishing technology change the face of politics, business, journalism, the law, medicine, engineering and education? Is a revolution underway, or are weblogs just the latest Internet craze? [via Matty]
o Institutional Memory [via RossMayfield]

Humor (but isn't it all?)

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