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Finally, interesting spam. (from GENE GETER)

Threatening America

Why can't I say that I want the president dead?
Sometimes when I'm in my bed, bad things enter my head
Why can¹t I say blow up the white house?
Does this cause the government to rouse?
Does this make me a terrorist?
I¹m just a lyricist creating thought-provoking cyst
Put down your clenched fist
I know you¹ve missed the gist of all this
I feel stressed and I need to release
Like kill a cop and a fireman for relief, good grief
I¹m just kidding, police chief, fire chief
These words help me unleash in order not to unleash
I just said I need to release
If I wanted to protest my beliefs with a burning flag,
Can I do it in public surrounded by police?
I like to burn the flag if I need to burn the flag
I just don¹t give a shag
I like to smoke a fag, tobacco, to light the flag
Come on, this is just a gag
Ha, ha, anybody upset?
If anyone is, fuck you, sensitive citizens,
This is fun I¹m having
Learn the meaning of laughing
America, am I threatening?
I¹m not about to attempt anything
I just want to say anything
Freedom of speech is bleached if I can't say anything
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