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From GSOC:


Dear NYU undergraduates,

Welcome back for the spring semester. As our strike enters its third month and second semester, our campaign to bring NYU to the bargaining table is expanding. Our determination to stay out on strike has earned us new and increased support for this semester from the labor movement, elected officials, and academics around the world:

-The UAW and other unions are working at all levels of the labor movement to generate pressure on the NYU administration to settle our strike and bargain a fair contract with our membership. On Thursday, January 26, at 4 pm, we will be conducting a major labor rally on campus. We ask you all to join us that day.

-We are also encouraged by the election of Christine Quinn to the position of Speak of the City Council, the second highest political office in the New York City. Christine has always been a strong supporter of our union.

-At two major academic conferences held over the break, GSOC members leafleted and raised thousands of dollars for our strike fund. GSOCers at the conferences were heartened by how informed, engaged, supportive and optimistic attendees were about our strike.

The support from you and your parents last fall was crucial to our strike, and there are several ways you can continue to contribute to our struggle for a second contract.

**Donate to our hardship fund. We are facing the loss of our pay for the spring semester, and our hardship fund will help our members to cover their basic expenses. Contributions from you and your parents can be tremendously helpful.

Donations can be made on-line at: http://www.2110uaw.org/gsoc/donate.htm

Checks can be made out to UAW Local 2110, with "GSOC Strike Fund" in the memo line, and mailed to: UAW Local 2110, 113 University Place 5th Floor, NYC, NY 10003

**Encourage your professors to move classes and events off campus. Your willingness last fall to attend classes and events off campus was a crucial part of our message to NYU that there will be no business as usual on campus until they negotiate with our union. Email classmove@2110uaw.org for help finding classroom space, and go to http://www.2110uaw.org/gsoc/event_relocation_form.htm for help finding event space.

**Join us on our picket line. We will begin picketing on Tuesday, January 17 from 11 am to 1:30 pm.

**Spread the word! We do not have access to NYUDirect, and you can help us keep all NYU students informed and updated by forwarding this email to as many people, groups and listserves that you have access to.

**Join GUS! Grad/Undergrad Solidarity is a group of NYU students committed to helping us win a second contract. Last semester GUS organized several important and exciting events in conjunction with our strike. Email gsoc@2110uaw.org for more information.

We appreciate the continued support from so many of you. With your help, we will win a second contract and make NYU a better place to teach and learn.

On behalf of GSOC/UAW Local 2110,

Michael Palm, Chairperson GSOC/UAW Local 2110
Maida Rosenstein, President UAW Local 2110
Andy Cornell, GSOC/GUS Liaison

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