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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Iraq News

o The Emperor's New Speech [via WhiskeyBar]
o Reporter Claims Video Evidence of WMD Lies [via LeanLeft]
o Experts Warn of Radioactive Battlefields [via RhinosBlog]
o The mess gets messier [via StandDown]
o Bush begs at "irrelevant" UN [via DailyKos]
o US Soldier Dies [via TheAgonist]
o US Military Kills Iraqi Family? [via TheAgonist]
o US Denies Attack On Wedding Party [via TheAgonist]
o President confirms denies confirms link between Iraq and terrorism! " The regime of Saddam Hussein cultivated ties to terror while it built weapons of mass destruction." [via MetaFilter]
o Krugman strikes again [via HuntingTheMuse]
o Whose War Is It? [via WhiskeyBar]
o U.S. Urged To Modify Approach to Postwar Iraq [via TheAgonist]
o U.S. sets general timetable on Iraq reconstruction [via TheAgonist]
o More Reservists To Be Called Up [via TheAgonist]

Talkin' bout the Government

o Sex Trade [via TheAgonist]
o Life Inside the Bubble [via WhiskeyBar]
o BUSH: Well, we've had discussions with [Syria], and we'll continue to have discussions with them. We know when we say things we're serious about it in America. That's an important part of our diplomacy, that people take our words seriously. And we've had some serious discussions with them. [via WageSlaveJournal]
o Pre-emption Challenge To Peace, says Anna [via TheAgonist]
o Air Force Ignored Abuse [via TheAgonist]
o Diebold machines are scary shit [via DailyKos]
o MI: Half of MI voters don't want Bush reelected [via PoliticalStateReport]
o General Clark's Yugoslavia problem [via MuslimsForKucinich]
o Why Kucinich? [via MuslimsForKucinich]
o Statement Of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich On The President's Address To The United Nations [via MuslimsForKucinich]
o 30,000 Nuclear Warheads [via TheNation]
o Who will beat Bush? [something's gotta change]
o Bands Rock Against Bush [via RollingStone]
o Massachusetts governor has new plan to get death penalty re-introduced. [via MetaFilter]
o Important expose and interview runs on Salon today. [via MetaFilter]
o 9-11 Probe Leaders Say Gov't Cooperating [via TheAgonist]
o Congress, White House at Odds Over Saudi Arabia [via TheAgonist]
o U.S. Will Close Puerto Rico Naval Base [via TheAgonist]
o ‘United States resisted Saudi crackdown on terrorists’ [via TheAgonist]
o Bush Beatable In 2004 [via ThaAgonist]
o CDT Raises Concerns About Administrative Subpoenas, Expansion of National Security Letter Authority [via Center For Democracy & Technology]


o BT engineer killed [via BillyHayes]
o Careless, Dangerous and Positively Shameful [via TreesitBlog]
o Minneapolis Workers to Vote on Proposal [via BordersUnion]
o Media Deconstruction Kit [via WeTheBlog]
o YPSILANTIS VERY OWN WINS! The Most Phallic Building In The World? [via MetaFilter]
o an anti-media monopoly site where you can learn to make your own books [via MetaFilter]

Tech Stuff

o Dartmouth Cuts the Wires [via WiFiNetworkNews]
o Tell Your Reps That Cell Phone Number Portability Is Important To You [via LisaRein]
o Wind Power cheaper than coal, electric car does 0 to 60 in 3.7 w/300 mile cruising range [via MetaFilter]

Humor (but isn't it all?)

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