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From a friend:

"This message describing the trial was sent prior to the one I just forwarded about Rev. Pinkney's arrest....Jackie

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We need national and state voters' rights groups to come forward to help protect Benton Harbor citizens rights. As soon as possible. Rev. Edward Pinkney, 269-925-0001

On April 15, 2005 Berrien County Michigan Judge Paul Maloney ruled that the recall vote of City Commissioner Glen Yarbrough was null and void due to fraud. However, there were enough valid votes (ones that weren't proven to be suspect) cast in the recall election to still declare that the voters of Benton Harbor wanted Glen Yarbrough out. Only 10 or less out of 300 "yes" votes were invalid. The impact of this decision on voters across the nation is devastating. It take the power of people to vote for candidates they want in office (or don't want in the case of a recall) and gives it to judges who then place the person of their choice in office. A typical occurance associated with last weeks trial: Brenda Fox was called as a witness. She filled out an affadavit stating Rev. Pinkney never paid anyone to vote. The prosecutor, James Cherry, told her that she would be indicted unless she stated that Rev. P. paid 10 - 15 people $5 each to vote. Now that the trial is over, she is admitting to people that the prosecutor forced her to give false testimony. Oh, and at one point, Judge Maloney said, "I'm going to create a new law...." Justice as usual inside Berrien County."
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