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From an email:

I urge folks to go out and support Camp Casey in Detroit. I was there for several hours today and folks are intent on making this work. They need 24 hour coverage - even if you can only stop by for a few minutes, that is helpful. Supplies like food and water are also helpful.

For Immediate Release:

Media Advisory

Monday, August 22, 2005

Event: Detroit Delegation to Return Monday
Camp Casey Established in Detroit
Report Back at MECAWI Meeting Wednesday
Contact: Michigan Emergency Committee Against
War & Injustice ("MECAWI":http://www.mecawi.org/)
5922 Second ave. at Antoinette
(313) 680-5508

Detroit's Camp Casey Delegation to Return Today

Describing the atmosphere at Camp Casey One & Two in
Crawford, Texas, as "electric", the delegation from Detroit
which traveled to the historic peace gathering outside the
vacation ranch of President Bush, will return to the city

The delegation has declared the formation of "Camp Casey
Detroit" to further the cause of the Gold Star Families for
Peace and the anti-war movement as a whole to "Bring the
Troops Home Now!". "Camp Casey, Detroit" will be set up at
Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit on the corner of
Woodward avenue and Adams today, Monday, after 1:00 p.m.

"We are calling upon military families, peace activists,
youth, clergy, people of faith, labor, educators and all
others who wish to see an end to the war policies of the Bush
administration, to join us at 'Camp Casey Detroit'," the
Detroit delegation said in a statement.

This ongoing project will continue at least until the massive
anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C., which will be
held on September 24. The Michigan Emergency Committee
Against War & Injustice, "MECAWI":http://www.mecawi.org/, is organizing buses to
travel to the nation's capital for this important gathering
to demand that the Iraq occupation be stopped immediately.

Also on Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00 p.m., the weekly meeting
of "MECAWI":http://www.mecawi.org/ will feature a "report back" from the delegation
that traveled to Camp Casey in Crawford. Members of the
delegation met other anti-war activists from around the
country. One delegation member, a military mother whose
daughter served in Iraq for one year, addressed the mass
rally at Camp Casey II near the Bush vacation ranch on
Saturday evening.

The Detroit delegation were so inspired by the outpouring of
anti-war sentiment at Camp Casey in Crawford, they have
choosen to set up "Camp Casey Detroit". This is a nationwide
movement with the establishment of other "Camp Casey"
actions in San Francisco, California as well as a growing
number of cities around the country.

Please come to Grand Circus Park to join in support of this historic
movement toward ending the debacle of the ill-fated war in Iraq,

More info: 313-680-5508
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