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The Bellman | Ringing your bell since '04 : Labor Blogging Roundup

"This week, a new feature for the Labor Blogging Roundup: the featured post. zach wrote:

After the lunch i went to a union meeting in Math/Comp Sci. There were like twenty people there. It was awesome. People seemed primed to get more involved, or if not, at least wanted to know what was going on with plans down the road. Getting a better sense of how organizers are talking to folks about the situation and how to get where we need to go, and getting excited about being here for this fight even if, barring a contract delay of Yalean proportions, i'm probably not going to technically be striking any time soon.

That's from Weapon of Class Instruction. I picked zach's post because, for whatever reason, almost nobody blogs about organizing even though organizing is what the labor movement is really all about.
There's hope on this front though, because Citizen Chris just took a job as an organizer.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere:

* In The Origins of Timidity, Bradford Plumer looks at the American labor movement, asking how it became so much less bold than its European counterpart.

* At Net-Workers, Josh channels Mark Shields. who quotes GOP Godfather Abe Lincoln saying, 'Labor is the superior of capital and deserves much the higher consideration.'

* Nathan Newman's The Bad Joke that is the Bush NLRB documents a recent NLRB decision that more or less endorses intimidation as an acceptable tactic in management run anti-union campaigns.

* Also at House of Labor, Jo-Ann Mort wonders whether the labor movement can use the Hurricane Katrina narrative to make the case that government regulation is sometimes the answer to common problems.

* Bat One is only one of dozens of right wing bloggers who blogged about UFCW's employment of low paid, non-union laborers to man a picket against Wal-Mart (does the VRWC send out talking points?), but since he's on our blogrolll, he gets the link on this one.

* Daniel of The Truth is Out There has one of many posts from the left about Bush, Katrina, and the suspension of the Davis-Bacon Act

* The Disney Blog makes its first appearance in the roundup for this post about shady labor practices at Disney World.

* As I've said before Working Life is uniformly excellent that it seems absurd to link to any single post. This week, though, Jonathan Tasini takes up an issue close to my heart: coming up with a decent name for the 'Change to Win Coalition.'"
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