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"*Join the War against Militarized and Violent Language*

Quakers have an historic testimony that our language, the very words we use, should reflect our practice of faith. As a people committed to living "in the virtue of that life and power that takes away the occasion of war," Quakers should consider the growing use of language that has its roots in the military, weaponry, combat, warfare, or other acts of violence.

Friends should attack this problem in full force. Rather than take a shotgun approach, Friends should target particular words and expressions, then aim to zap them. If Quakers were to spearhead such a campaign, others would surely fall in step behind us.

The first salvo should be a barrage of letters to members of Congress and the Administration. Friends are likely to take some flak for such a witness, but should bite the bullet and not allow criticism to torpedo this effort. Friends cannot expect to shield themselves from negative feedback, but must always be on the front lines of the fight and in the trenches.

Friends will need to search diligently within our own speech and writing for landmines that might convey the impression that Quakers are loose cannons. Finding such words should trigger an immediate counter-offensive.

Friends throughout the U.S. must be mobilized for this battle. It will be a no-holds-barred match.

A mission as important as this requires a special taskforce. Enlist now! There is no deadline, so recruit your friends and families.


At last some real kick ass peace people.

Mike and Carmen"
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