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"I would like to thank Bernice Powell Jackson for writing those thoughtful words. (You can scroll up to read what she wrote.) Being an older person, I have had similar thoughts many times. How did the world get into this awful quagmire on so many fronts? You're right, we need to join with and support the younger generations to repair and rebuild to create the kind of world that really is possible.

Maybe if we begin thinking in terms of corporations being in control of almost every aspect of our lives, it could lead us to some answers and solutions.... Just a thought. Another way to say it is: follow the money.

Greed has caused our leaders to allow media to become gov. controlled; no minimum wage raise in decades; our food to become genetically engineered and put on grocery shelves when Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and others will not allow the stuff inside their borders; scientific research to be controlled by corporations (results are corrupt); corporations to make huge profits, not pay taxes, and have off-shore hidden accounts; give very large tax breaks - money WE have paid in taxes - to corporations who are making millions and billions in our country - this is called corporate welfare; allow predatory lending practices to flourish; shut down bankruptcy when the overwhelming majority of people who used the option did so because of necessary treatments for cancer and other illnesses that they could ill-afford; allow medical care to fall into disrepair so that soon only the wealthy will get proper treatment; allow corporate franchises who donated to the republican and demoratic parties move in anywhere they wished and flourish causing locally owned businesses and downtowns to die (WalMart, Target, Home Depot, and a relatively small number of others); Halliburton and some other giant, absurdly rich corporations to have NO-BID contracts for building in Iraq, New Orleans, wherever they wish; pass laws such as NAFTA, the weakening of anti-trust policies, and others which gave many, many companies the ability to outsource their work to foreign countries and downsize here - 30,000 more jobs just last week gone from the auto industry, and it will keep happening; allow our weapons and military industries (Dow Chemical in Midland for one....) to arm most of the countries of the world - even those fighting each other - the world is now at a point where serious thought needs to be put into how to cleanse the land in various parts of the world to rid it of landmines, bombs, chemicals, etc.; allow the US to imprison more people than any country and use these prisons for slave labor - google on 'corporate prisons'...; spend our gov. money (OUR taxes) on war and things mentioned above so that our roads cannot be repaired, schools cannot be improved, teachers don't get paid nearly what they deserve; etc.; promote MEAPS tests - standardized tests - designed to help public schools fail so that schools can become privatized with the idea that profit can be made; move towards privatizing as many things as possible (more profit for corporations); it goes on and on...

They need to keep us scrambling for money and scared in order to keep us in the dark, and it's working. If you're working 2-3 jobs or are homeless, chances are you're not going to have the time or energy to be researching for the truth.

We need to figure out how to get out of this giant mess being perpetrated on the world almost entirely by the US 'government'.

One helpful thing to do I guess is to spread the word. Most Americans don't know this is all going on.... I'm sure people will reply here stating they believe this to be all lies. They are misinformed. Unfortunately, none of the true news is at our fingertips.

Thanks again Ms. Jackson."
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