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Our civil rights laws were forced on our government as a result of protests in the streets. The Environmental Protection Agency and the laws it upholds were created because of people protesting. Labor laws were enacted as a result of strikes - a form of protest. The Vietnam War was brought to an end because of huge numbers of people marching in the streets, marching on Washington, and protesting on the town square. We have a new threat to our sovereignty and to our democracy. It is George W. Bush's Theory of the Unitary Executive, and his invasion and occupancy of Iraq. This blatant grab for power can only be stopped with massive numbers of people marching, chanting and protesting in the streets, on Washington, and at all levels of government and media. And protest must be continuous, not just one-day events. These protests will start in places like Ann Arbor, Palo Alto, Vermont, etc., and indeed they have. At the Ann Arbor downtown Post Office (Federal Building) every weekday from 5-6:30 p.m. you will find a group of people holding signs calling for the end of the war and for the impeachment of our corrupt president. If we can get a thousand people here, then we'd see similar action in Lansing, Jackson and all around the country. We need you. Join the march.

Gary F. Hochgraf, Ypsilanti
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