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Please pass on the following announcement to anyone who you think might be
interested in working for Labor Notes. We're hiring for two positions now,
possibly a third program position later this year.

Labor Notes is now accepting applications for two staff positions in
our Detroit office. We are looking for people with experience in or
around the labor movement. A commitment to rank-and-file unionism is
a must.

We are hiring a Conference Organizer and Administrative Director.
Applicants for the conference organizer position should have
experience organizing large conferences or other comparable events.
They should be able to juggle multiple responsibilities, meet
deadlines, manage complicated logistics and schedules, and maintain
ongoing email and phone correspondence with a large number of
conference-goers. Bilingual Spanish/English is a plus. Job duties
will include planning and executing a conference timeline, negotiating
with conference hotel, coordinating workshop and meeting schedules,
handling scholarships and subsidies for conference participants. This
is a one-year position starting June 2007.

Applicants for the administrative director position should
have experience using computers for accounting, databases, and word
processing. We seek someone who is detail-oriented, able to manage
ongoing responsibilities, can troubleshoot, and can relate well to our
subscribers, book-buyers, and supporters. Job duties will include
accounts payable and receivable, payroll and other taxes, handling
customer orders and daily mail, and maintaining files. Ongoing
program work, such as magazine writing or conference organizing, is
also possible depending on experience and availability. This position
is available immediately.

Salary for both positions is $24,000 to $28,000, depending on
experience. Labor Notes offers a generous benefits package. Women
and people of color are encouraged to apply.

To apply for either position, please send a resume and cover letter to
Mark Brenner at Labor Notes, 104 Montgomery St, New York, NY
11225-2008. You can fax applications to 718-287-3287 or email them to

For more information, call 718-284-4144 or go to
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